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Trading is no different than any new hobby or activity, whether it’s learning to play a musical instrument or obtaining a pilot license, proper guidance is essential to success. As an STP broker, Ace Markets has the profitability of its clients in mind. This is why we offer free forex training to not only live customers but even to those who register for one of our practice accounts.

We are willing to make this offer because we feel that anyone who is serious about forex trading will come to trust Ace Markets once they see the amount of resources and time that we dedicate to our customers.

Our free education portal offers the following benefits:

– Complete Overview of the Forex Market

– Basic Introduction to Technical Analysis

– Guidance on Applying Indicators to Charts

– Explanation of Fundamental Analysis

– Help with Developing a StrategyIntroduction to Candlestick Charts

To access this FREE training course and supplementary materials, simply provide your contact details in the form below.