In addition to self-and automated trading options, Ace Markets also offers managed account services to investors looking to take advantage of the foreign exchange market.


Why Managed Accounts?

Foreign Exchange Is Not Directly Tied to Stocks – In foreign exchange there are no bear markets because currency rates are always relative to one another. For example, if the Euro weakens against the dollar over a six month period, this means that during the same time the dollar has strengthened. For this reason, there is always the potential to make profit when trading foreign exchange, something which is not always possible when the trading in a bearish stock market. Finally, the foreign exchange market does not have limit up or down days, allowing for larger gains, although it should be mentioned a larger potential for losses as well.

You Can Still Participate In The Market – Perhaps you have just begun trading and aren’t sure where to start, or you’ve been trading but yet to find a system that works. It is often frustrating to miss a big market movement only because you are developing a strategy. By signing up for a forex managed account you are still able to take advantage of the trading opportunities the forex market has to offer.

Portfolio Diversification – Investing in a forex managed account is an excellent way to further diversify your investment portfolio. Having exposure to movements in the FX market makes for a more well rounded investment strategy as currency movements tend not to be directly correlated to stocks, bonds, or real estate.


Want to Learn More?

For more questions related to minimum deposit sizes, performance, and our fund management team, speak to an Ace Markets managed accounts representative today!