The Ace Markets MetaTrader 4 platform offers everything required to be successful in the forex market: multi-time frame charts, hundreds of indicators, trading scripts, signals, and trading algorithms (EAs). To try out the software immediately, simply click on the button below:


MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is a globally recognized trading platform which is perfectly suited for beginner and experienced traders alike. It’s easy to use interface, customization options, and online community are just a few reasons Ace Markets proudly offers MT4.


Mobile & Tablet Trading

Never miss out on a trading opportunity with the Ace Markets MT4 mobile platform.

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Trading Signals

Even if you don’t have time for trading or are unsure where to begin, MT4 trading signals make it possible to test out the forex market. With over hundreds of signals to select from, it’s easy to choose a signal or build a portfolio that best fits your tolerance for risk. In addition, the complete track record of each signal can be researched ahead of time, allowing for complete transparency.


Free Personal Demonstration

If you are new to MT4 and unsure where to begin, contact Ace Markets today for a FREE personal software demonstration. In less than 10 minutes you’ll learn the basics of buying & selling, opening charts, and viewing account data. Contact us today and one of our trading experts will gladly guide you through the system.