Of the many advantages traders have by opening an account with Ace Markets, one of the most significant is the fact that Ace Markets is fully registered to operate business under the authority of New Zealand: FSP464006


Why Does Regulation Matter?

You Have a Voice – If a trader has a dispute with an unregulated broker there is unfortunately nowhere to turn to; the client is completely at the whim of the broker’s decision. This is not the case with Ace Markets. At any time clients of Ace Markets are able to contact [Insert Regulator Name] if they wish to file a dispute that cannot be resolved with Ace Markets directly.

Credibility – As part of the regulation process, brokers must undergo due diligence both during the application process and as an ongoing effort. Traders of Ace Markets can feel comfortable knowing that regulators are looking out for their best interest. Furthermore, by visiting the website of [Insert Regulator Name] traders are able to verify for themselves that Ace Markets is in fact regulated.

Client Protection – Regulators are constantly supervising the activity of brokers to ensure their activities adhere to their stipulated requirements. Should a broker violate any rules, they face stiff penalties or in some cases can have their license revoked. In both cases the interests of the trader are looked after, something not provided by unregulated or offshore-based brokers.


Learn More About How Regulation Affects You.

It’s very important to understand why traders should only consider partnering with a regulated brokers. Reach out to an Ace Markets specialist today to discuss regulation in more detail.